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Easy App Integration and Data Sync

RhoConnect allows you to quickly and easily integrate and synchronize your data into your application for offline access. With this application developers can spend more time adding new capabilities to their solutions by spending less time adding data. It’s available in the cloud or on premises and free with your rhomobile.com subscription.

Sync Results in Faster More Usable Apps

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Even if you think your users are always connected, studies show that data available offline results in faster, more usable mobile apps. Users aren’t watching spinning wheels waiting for data to download. And they have their data with them at all times whether or not they are connected.

Hosted RhoConnect Servers

Developers can host RhoConnect on rhomobile.com. A Silver subscription offers synchronization for up to 1000 devices and a hosted instance on Heroku for them. Gold Subscription offers synchronization for unlimited devices and a larger server instance.

Fastest, Most Scalable Data Sync Server Ever

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RhoConnect is faster and scales better under load than any other data synchronization server. Unlike most other data synchronization servers which use relational databases as stores RhoConnect is based on a NoSQL data cache (specifically Redis).

Automate Your Backend App Integration

By using RhoConnect you can eliminate 90% of the coding involved in integrating mobile apps to backend systems (known to be the majority of work in enterprise mobile app development). You merely write a “source adapter” (four methods to Create, Read, Update and Delete to your backend application) and RhoConnect does the rest of the work. RhoConnect also provides out of the box integration with some of the most popular CRM systems.

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Works with Any Client Development Framework

While RhoElements has RhoConnect data synchronization already built-in to generated apps RhoConnect offers clients for all popular development options for mobile devices: iOS Objective-C, Android Java, and RhoMobile in JavaScript and Ruby.