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Write Native Enterprise Mobile Apps with Web Skills

Use your existing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby skills to build native apps for all popular operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Windows 8. RhoElements is the only modern framework focused on the needs of enterprise apps. It offers a built-in Model View Controller pattern, an Object Relational Mapper for data intensive apps, integrated data synchronization, and the broadest API set of any framework.

The Only Enterprise Mobile Framework

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RhoElements is not just an API fa├žade. It assists in the full lifecycle and breadth of app development. It offers a built-in app generator to get you going quickly. Its MVC pattern lets you build maintainable apps that separate business logic from interface. ORM lets you easily build information-intensive database oriented apps without writing SQL. All automatically synchronized for easy offline data usage, critical for enterprise apps.

Largest API Set of Any Framework

RhoElements offers dozens of built-in capabilities, far more than any of the consumer app-oriented frameworks. These include barcode reading, magnetic stripe card reading, Bluetooth, printing, NFC, RFID, battery life indication, to name just a few.

The Most Secure Mobile Platform

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RhoElements performs automatic data encryption for data at rest security. It also offers public/private key (PKI) encryption and an optional FIPS certified encryption algorithm. No other framework offers these features. As well, use of the RhoConnect data synchronization component automates integrating with an enterprise's Single Sign-on Infrastructure.

Open Source and Massive, Mature Community

RhoElements is built on the free open source Rhodes framework. RhoElements extends Rhodes by adding several enterprise value add features such as barcode scanning, advanced document capture, automatic encryption.

Write With Any Text Editor or IDE

RhoElements lets you write your apps with RhoStudio (our advanced Eclipse-based IDE), with a Visual Studio plugin, or with your choice of text editor with appropriate command line tasks to allow app generation and build. In either case, the app generation that RhoElements offers sets its ease of use above other frameworks. RhoStudio and command line tasks allow either local build or hosted build in the cloud.

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