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Generate, develop, debug and test your apps in one place

Get the simplicity of one development tool for all mobile platforms with RhoStudio. This free and powerful Eclipse plug-in allows you to use a single computer to quickly develop your solutions regardless of platform.

Faster application development across any operating system

You no longer need to spend time worrying about emulators and devices. With our application generator and scaffolding, you’re up and running in minutes instead of hours or days. Simulation has never been easier. Just select the operating system from a dropdown box—including Android and Apple iOS as well as Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows CE and Windows Phone 8.

Focus your attention on what matters

With RhoStudio, you can completely focus your attention on the development of application features—instead of wasting time learning and managing different platforms. You no longer need to install different Software Development Kits (SDKs). And since you only need to create code for one version of an application, the chances of coding errors is reduced.

Easier Integration

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Typically, application integration requires a completely different set of tools than those utilized to build an application—resulting in the need to purchase, learn and manage more tools. But with RhoStudio, you get one tool simplicity. With this single tool, you can create your entire solution—from application development to application integration—making the creation of source adapters easier than ever.

Reduce hardware costs

Since all development is done on one computer, RhoStudio greatly reduces the volume and cost of hardware typically required to develop applications for multiple platforms. You no longer need to purchase, support and maintain different hardware platforms for testing—such as a PC for Windows-based devices and an Apple computer for iOS-compatible applications.


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Device emulators for most mobile operating systems are notoriously slow. Firing up the Android emulator can take minutes after rebuilding. Our RhoSimulator solves this problem, giving you almost instantaneous startup after rebuilding your app. It also takes far less memory and can run whether or not you have the mobile operating system SDK installed locally.